Boost vs. Delivery Savings Pass FAQs:

Updated 6/13/2022

1. How is Boost by Kroger Plus different from my current Delivery Savings Pass Membership?

Boost offers free next-day delivery for orders >$35, 2X Fuel Points and over $100 in savings on Our Specialty Brands.

2. What do I have to do to have my Delivery Savings Pass membership switch to Boost?

Nothing, there is no action required. Your Delivery Savings Pass membership will automatically change to be a Boost membership on 6/20/2022.

3. Will it cost me anything to have my membership switch to Boost?

No, your Delivery Savings Pass membership will change to Boost at no cost to you.

4. When will my Delivery Savings Pass Membership switch to Boost?

Your Delivery Savings Pass Membership will switch to Boost on 6/20/2022.

5. What if I don’t want my Delivery Savings Pass Membership to change to Boost?

Unfortunately, Delivery Savings Pass will no longer be a membership option. If you would not like your Delivery Savings Pass to be converted to Boost by Kroger Plus, you may opt out by contacting us at 1-833-557-4278 (1-833- 5KRGBST) by 6/16/2022. At that time, your Delivery Savings Pass membership will be ended, and you will be issued a pro-rated credit to use on your next order.

6. How do I see the Terms & Conditions for Boost?

Please click on the Terms & Conditions to view the Boost by Kroger Plus Terms & Conditions.

7. How will I know that my membership was changed to Boost?

Once your Delivery Savings Pass membership is converted to a Boost by Kroger Plus membership, you will receive an email that states your Boost benefits are active. You will also receive another email 24-48 hours later that will include your Boost member exclusive offers.

8. When will my Boost membership expire?

Your Boost membership will expire three months after your Delivery Savings Pass membership was set to expire. As part of this transition, you will be gifted three months of membership for free. After 6/20/2022, you can view your updated Boost by Kroger Plus membership expiration date at

9. How will I renew my Boost membership?

You will receive an email when your Boost membership is coming up on expiration with instructions on how you can renew your Boost membership.

10. I need assistance with Boost, how do I get help?

Please contact us at: 1-833-557-4278 (1-833-5KRGBST).

11. I would like to provide feedback about Boost. How can I do that?

We are always looking for feedback from our members about ways that we can improve the member experience! After 6/20/2022, if you are logged into your account, you can leave feedback here. This is anonymous feedback, and we will not be able to contact you. If you would like to be contacted, please contact us at 1-833-557-4278 (1-833-5KRGBST) to provide feedback