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LovoSkin Advanced Bee Venom Anti-Fatigue & Radiance Serum

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Protect your skin and prevent the signs of aging with LovoSkin anti-fatigue moisturizer for all skin types. Impregnated with the mythical perfume of Neroli, this light formula completely revives your skin. LovoSkin Anti-Fatigue Moisturizer for all skin types contains an innovative antioxidant complex and active ingredients that work to relieve damaged skin while moisturizing and refreshing. 89% of users said their skin was more supple, nourished and more pleasant after four weeks, which means that this wonderful tretament is not to be missed.

Note: The Bee venom is recovered according to an ethical and ecological process ... No bees were injured during the production of this product for the entire Bee Venom range. It is suitable for anyone except skin prone to bee allergies and extremely sensitive skin.