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Healthy'N Fit Nutritionals 100% Whey Pro-Amino™ v 2.0 Heavenly Chocolate

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The Ultimate in Whey Protein Technologies, Scientifically Documented and Guaranteed More Effective Than All Whey Proteins

All of the Qualities and Benefits of the original 100% Whey pro-amino which you''ve come to know and love are intact and have not changed. 100% Whey Pro-Amino v2.0.  further enhances these qualities and benefits...

The Purest, Cleanest, Natural Best Selling, Highest Quality, Guaranteed Most Effective, Scientifically Documented Tested and Assayed, Ultra- Micro-Filtered 100% Pure Whey protein with Whey protein isolate and why Hydrolysate featuring the added benefits of natural whey peptide bond amino acids and natural protein fractions for even quicker and more efficient delivery of amino acids to muscle compared to just a whey protein.

  1. The guaranteed highest quality and most effective 100% whey protein for increased muscle, strength and fitness.
  2. An intrinsic infusion of enhanced amino providing additional advanced maximum nutritional support benefits.
  3. Additional correct proportion ratio technology BCAAs (The most powerful trio of amino acids for increased muscle mass and strength).
  4. Ultra Recovery Amino Acids matrix (Recovery is one of the most important phases of training or increased muscle mass and strength
  5. TheaMax L-Theanine-Anti-Cortisol muscle support activity plus many additional muscle and health benefits
  6. The truly purest, cleanest, 100% whey protein and free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. (Many brands call their products pure and clean even though they contain  artificial ingredients which you can see right on their packaging). Contains no added fats or oils, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in other products, and is free from added sugars (often disguised as evaporated cane juice or honey powder)
  7. Immune System Support, extensive health and well being benefits, and more.

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