DeLallo Whole Grain Rice Fusilli No.27 Gluten Free Pasta Perspective: Main

DeLallo Whole Grain Rice Fusilli No.27 Gluten Free Pasta

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Wheat-Free Pasta Rich with Italian Tradition

Made deep in the heart of Puglia, this gluten-free pasta begins as a delicate blend of corn and rice expertly milled to create flavorful authentic pasta with the perfect al dente bite.

The facility is both a molino and pastificio (mill and pasta factory) dedicated solely to wheat-free products with no risk of cross contamination. DeLallo sources only the highest quality of raw ingredients from Northern Italy for 100% Italian pasta-rich with tradition and generations of pasta-making experience.

The signature robust flavor and firm texture make DeLallo the ultimate gluten-free substitute for traditional wheat pasta. Enjoy!

Fusilli Made free of wheat, this Gluten-Free Fusilli is ready to bring a little fun to your kitchen creations. These springs are perfect for capturing both light & hearty sauces in their tight curves.

  • Made In Italy
  • Made Whole Grain Rice
  • Wheat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Cook in 6 Min.

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