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Castaway Hammock Cotton Rope Large

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Our cotton rope is 8mm thick; far more importantly, its designed for maximum density without sacrificing comfort. Max-Density 8mm rope improves comfort by significantly reducing rope elongation under tension. This ensures a natural, more supportive fit. Less dense, lighter rope hammocks (even those advertised at 8mm thick) stretch excessively under tension, causing discomfort and dangerous rounding of the spine. Each hammock is composed of over 1000 feet of densely woven cotton fibers. Tightly-woven hammocks boast functional beauty: See the quality yourself in the double-looped strands connecting the bed of your hammock to the hand-braided ring knots. Many manufacturers skimp on the loop attachments, which equates to less rope and an uncomfortably loose weave. Our industry-leading weave is supported by durable hardwood spreader bars. Your hammock rope passes through the holes of these bars, producing substantial friction. We have countersunk your spreader bar holes, reducing the severity of the friction between rope and wood. Competing spreader bars without countersinking constantly rub hammock rope against a sharp right angle, drastically reducing durability. Your hammock will significantly outperform non-countersunk varieties. This product includes two sets of chains that provide 15 inches of hanging flexibility on either side of your hammock. We also include two tree hooks with this hammock. If you have a frame or pair of trees 13-16 ft. apart, this hammock is ready to install right out of the box. No additional purchase necessary. * Hanging Hardware Included.