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In 1993 Authentic Foods was founded to provide consumers with a great-tasting-worry-free solution for all their gluten-free baking needs. From the time our grains leave the farm to when they reach you, all of our products are closely monitored to ensure that there is no chance of contamination. Many of our products are milled, blended and packaged in our 100% gluten-free facility. Today, we offer more than 30 products to meet the needs of all gluten-free bakers. Whether you are looking for the best quick and easy baking mix or individual flours to create a unique blend, let Authentic Foods help you make your meal special.

The Authentic Foods Multi-Blend Flour is made from our signature superfine flours. It is a fabulous wheat flour substitute for gluten-free baking. To use this flour, take any non-gluten free recipe and substitute the wheat flour for the Multi Blend Flour. When substituting for wheat flour, it is recommended to substitute ¾ cup of Authentic Foods Multi-Blend Flour for 1 cup of all purpose wheat flour. This flour works best for cookies, quick breads, cakes, pie crust, etc. However, the Multi-Blend Flour does not work well in yeast bread recipes except when the recipe is gluten free. There are many recipes using this flour from the book, Cooking Gluten Free, by Karen Robertson. In the book, the blend is called Wendy Wark''s Gluten Free Flour Mix.

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