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505 Games 812872012308 Ghostrunner Playstation 5 Game

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Ghostrunner is a first person action Slasher game with slick parkour inspired gameplay elements Players assume the role of an android ninja and use a combination of abilities and melee katana combat to slice foes as they ascend treacherous neon cyberpunk skyscrapers of the future Players have a wide range of movement abilities including wall running sliding and time manipulation to eliminate all targets in their way The result is an extremely agile character providing players ultimate satisfaction with each potent swing of a katana Death is inevitable Players have one hit point and must use their kill mechanics and dynamic mobility to overcome challenging foes without a scratch They must fight their way to the top of the structure to bring down the tyrannical Keymaster and avert humanity s extinction The player and opponents have one hit point Through instant restart the player gets to know game level layouts and eliminates enemies using extraordinary mobility and Sensory Boost Unusual Perspective Ghostruner is a unique and challenging game with half open and primarily vertical levels The vertical design also contains elements of exploration and learning through environmental storytelling about the player character s background rationale and overall game world Parkour Movement Mechanics Ghostrunner s movement system is very dynamic featuring abilities which let the player run on walls slide and slice foes dashing with gusto time manipulation leaping and bounding off neon lit walls and so much more Cyberpunk Setting The game takes place in the future after a global cataclysm where the remains of humanty live in an ominous neon tower built by The Architect who died mysteriously years ago Everyone kno