Ride our free shuttle to Pick 'n Save University Ave. (3650 University Ave., Madison, WI) every Sunday while school is both in and out of session. This hourly bus service starts at 12:30pm with the last bus leaving Pick 'n Save at 8:30pm. Please allow for possible 5 minute delays.

If you have any questions, please contact the store by dialing (608)231-6935, pressing "0" for customer service and ask to speack to a member of the store management team.


:30 Pick 'n Save University Ave.
:35 Old University at Walnut
:36 Old University at Chamberlin
:37 W Johnson at Randall (25 MPH sign)
:44 Dayton at Lake (Witte Hall)
:45 Dayton at E Campus Mall (Across the street from Ogg)
:47 Lake Near University (Lot 46)
:50 Liz Waters on Observatory
:52 Slicherter Hall (Babcock & Observatory)
:05 Arrive at Pick 'n Save University Ave.
:15 Leave Pick 'n Save University Ave.
:21 Eagle Heights (Lot Q)
:22 Eagle Heights (Lot E)
:23 Eagle Heights (City Bus Stop across from Lot H)
:24 Eagle Heights (Lot M)
:30 Arrive at Pick 'n Save University Ave.