Plan a Dessert Painting Party

Painting with paint brushes on cookies

We are invited to a multitude of events this time of year. Traditional activities can be comforting, but they need a twist to prevent them from being too repetitive.

Plan an activity most people have never done; throw a party that intrigues people. RSVPs should be sent gladly—not begrudgingly.

Instead of the classic cookie decorating party, invite guests to paint a variety of desserts. Macarons, marshmallows and meringue: arguably more delicious than sugar cookies, yet undeniably more unique. These desserts give party guests turned artists a bright, blank canvas. Edible paint is simple to make and less clumsy than chunky frosting.

  • Save the Date: Plan your get-together well in advance so folks mark their calendars. It truly is the busiest time of year! We all have a lot to juggle, so respect that by giving friends and family plenty of notice.
  • Prep Prior: Make or purchase the desserts ahead of time. Macarons, marshmallows and meringues are readily available, but if you like to be adventurous in the kitchen and make your own goodies from scratch, give yourself plenty of time to do so. On party day, the host deserves to be well-rested and unstressed. Let everyone focus on the fun!
  • Mix the Paint: Dessert paint couldn’t be easier to make. Stir food coloring with 1 tablespoon of either vodka or lemon juice. That’s it! It’s important to purchase new paintbrushes to use for this event. Provide a range of sizes and types of paintbrushes—enough for each color and each guest.
  • Mess-Proof the Space: Use a tablecloth and lay a drop cloth beneath the work surface to protect carpet, rugs and flooring. Have paper towels and rub-on stain removers on hand. Folks tend to dress up for holiday parties.
  • Offer To-Go Containers: Guests will likely want to take their masterpieces home, if they haven’t eaten them all! Shallow containers work best to avoid stacking decorated treats and risk of smudging designs.