Simple Zippered Tablet or Laptop Cover

Lemon on top of black and white stripe tablecloth with ears buds and pen

Created by: Amy Christie, this heart of mine

From laptops to tablets, music players to digital cameras, we love our electronics. Unfortunately, we don’t always do the best job protecting our trinkets. With a few pieces of fabric and a zipper (plus notions!), you can create a zippered cover to fit any device you need.


  • Fabric, 2 pieces of outer fabric, 2 pieces of inner fabric
  • 1 Zipper
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • 1 Zipper foot (optional but very helpful)
  • Iron (optional but helpful)


1. Cut the fabric to size. The dimensions should be:

  • Width of electronic, plus 4 inches
  • Height of electronic, plus 4 inches

2. Stack the fabric. Lay down one piece of outer fabric (right side up), the zipper (right side down) and one piece of the inner fabric

3. Make sure everything is lined up along the top zipper edge and the sides. Pin to hold.

4. Using the zipper foot, sew the stack together.

5. Repeat the layering and sewing with the remaining pieces of fabric and batting on the other side of the zipper.

6. Once both sides are sewn, use an iron to press the fabric around the zipper to lay flat.

7. Top stitch along the edge of the fabric on either side of the zipper to keep the fabric in place.

8. Unzip the zipper about halfway. Then pull the two outer fabrics together, right sides facing each other, and pin. Make sure to line up all the edges and make sure the zipper gets folded the same way. Repeat with the inner fabrics.

9. Using a ⅜” inseam, begin sewing in the middle of the bottom of the inner fabric and sew around the whole pouch, leaving at least a 3” opening from the start.

10. Trim off the corners to help them lay better.

11. Turn the cover right side out through the opening. Using the machine or with needle and thread, sew the opening closed.