8 Ways to Make Caring Easier

A woman creating a to-do list on pink paper

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When you’re the caring type, you love having lots of little ways to support friends and family. It makes them feel good, it makes you feel good — it’s a win-win. But sometimes, between work and to-do lists, cleaning and groceries, children and pets and husbands (Oh, my!), it’s hard to find time to reach out as much as you want to. Fear not! We’ve gathered some time-saving tips to take your caring to the next level. 

Get Organized

The key to quicker acts of caring? Getting everything you need in order. Here’s how!

Make time for it. Have a habit of meaning to do nice things, but they get lost in the shuffle? Try adding them to your to-do list. Schedule phone calls or card writing time to check in on loved ones. Write down their important events—a big presentation, a doctor’s appointment—so you can follow up with support. 

Get connected. Take the time to set up all the fancy integrations made available by your phone, smart watch and computer. That way, contact lists, calendars, reminders and notes can be accessed or updated anywhere.

Share the goodness. Set up cloud-based, shared documents so you can easily swap information with family members. Add birthdays, special occasions, addresses, family photos and other important information. Then invite them all to add and edit.

Go analog. Not into digitalization? No problem. An address book with handwritten addresses (remember to use a pencil!), a pretty box of note-filled index cards, or a perpetual birthday calendar can help you keep connected all year long.

Be Prepared

It’s not just a motto for Boy Scouts—a little preparation can help make it easier to show you care at a moment’s notice. And it makes it much less stressful for you.

Stock up. Fill a greeting card organizer with a bunch of birthday, thank you, sympathy, congrats and blank cards. Shop for cards online a few months in advance of occasions, and fill up the box as you find cards for different people while browsing. Keep stamps and a good pen inside to make sending even faster! 

Get gifts in advance. See a small gift that makes you think of Mom? Or a shirt your best friend would love? Pick it up! Make this a habit, and make yourself a little note about who each gift is for. That way when their birthday or Christmas rolls around—or you just want to brighten their day—you’ll be more than ready. 

Grab extras. Pick up a second pastry for your coworker when you stop for coffee. When you spot a sale on cute accessories while shopping, get one for your sister. And sales on little things like candles or wine make for great hostess, housewarming or “just because” gifts, so stock up on those whenever you can.

Wrap it up. Look for sales on gift bags, boxes and tissue, especially ones that can be given any time of year. Or if you’re buying one already, buy another for future use. This way, when you want to spoil someone on short notice, you can wrap things up in a flash.

So the next time you find yourself faced with a weekend that’s remarkably wide open, think of it as an opportunity to put some caring preparation in place. It doesn’t just make giving easier—it allows you to be a little more present during those special moments. It gives you time to appreciate how doing good for others can do you a world of good, too. 

And if you ever feel like reaching out but you’re not sure how, see what a card can do! From showing support to sharing a smile, cards can do some pretty amazing things.