Fill Your Cart, Fill Your Glass

For some families, great taste is in their genes. Wollersheim is proof of it! This family winery began in 1972. Fast forward to 2015, Wollersheim opened their distillery, selling brandy, gin, whiskey, and bourbon. Plus, Wollersheim Bistro, known for its Brandy Old Fashioned cookies, opened in 2019. And 50 years since it all started, Wollersheim continues to ferment and bottle all its wines and spirits in Prairie du Sac and remains in the same family today. We’ll give cheers to that.

Pour, Sip, Relax, Repeat

Fun fact: Wollersheim Prairie Fumé, introduced in 1989, is the most popular wine in Wisconsin. Try it for yourself… and all their other delicious wines and spirits on the shelf.

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