From Farm to Pantry: Shelf-Stable Dairy Milk Does Everybody Good

Shelf-Stable Milk Is Dairy Magic with a Long-Lasting Positive Impact

Sipping on an ice-cold glass of milk at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snack time is an everyday occurrence for many Wisconsinites. But in an era—and areas—where food insecurity continues to impact residents of the dairy state, local food pantries play an important role in ensuring everyone has access to this nutritious and delicious daily staple.

One often overlooked, yet highly sought after, item that food banks statewide need is shelf-stable dairy milk. It’s the milk that never quits, with long-lasting freshness, and contributes to the overall well-being of individuals and families in so many ways.

Pick ‘n Save and Metro Market have partnered with local dairy-brand Kemps to provide much-needed nourishment for more than 427,000 Wisconsinites facing hunger and food insecurity every day, including 142,050 children, with a donation specially designed “Giving Cow™” shelf-stable milk cartons in 2023.

  • Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin received more than 36,800 Giving Cow milk cartons for distribution to food pantries and shelters in 35 counties throughout eastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee.
  • Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin received more than 30,700 Giving Cow milk cartons for distribution to food pantries and shelters throughout southwestern Wisconsin, including Madison.

“As a dairy company, we want to ensure that milk is available for those who need it, and our shelf-stable Giving Cow milk cartons offer a great solution, says Rachel Kyllo, a spokesperson for Kemps.”

Shelf-stable dairy milk is a nutritional powerhouse

Dairy milk is well-known for a wide range of essential nutrients that promote healthy growth and development. By offering shelf-stable dairy milk, food pantries provide an important source of calcium, protein, vitamins D and B12, and other nutrients to children and individuals with limited access to fresh dairy products.

“Milk is an incredibly versatile protein source for food banks. It is an honor to partner with Kemps, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, and Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin to create an opportunity to increase access to this nutrient source in our communities across Wisconsin,” said Emilie Williamson, RDN, CD and Corporate Affairs Manager for Pick ‘n Save and Metro Market stores.

A wide array of meals can be made with shelf-stable dairy milk

With shelf-stable dairy milk, individuals and families can create nutritious and satisfying meals quickly:

From bowls of cereal and egg scrambles to creamy soups and sauces, shelf-stable milk can add flavor, texture, and nutrition to various meals and helps address the diverse dietary needs of those who rely on food assistance programs.

Shelf-stable diary milk minimizes waste and space

“Refrigeration is a challenge for so many community food pantries, as it’s difficult for them to keep fresh foods like milk and other dairy products on hand,” explains Kyllo.

With shelf-stable dairy milk, that’s no longer a concern. The extended shelf life of these products allows food pantries to maintain a reliable stock of nutritious dairy options. Reducing the dependence on fresh milk also minimizes waste not only within the food pantry system but also for individuals and families at home.

Any way you drink it, milk is a time-honored staple in many households

Through innovation and dedication to nourishing Wisconsinites, modern-age shelf-stable dairy products will help local food pantries take another step towards ensuring that no one goes without access to wholesome and nourishing food.

For shoppers looking to support a local food drive with a donation, consider a shelf-stable milk from our Beverage aisle.