Watch our newest mural come to life in West Allis!

Painted by WI Local Artist, Fred Kaems on a whole exterior wall – 180-feet wide by 30-feet-tall – at Pick ‘n Save Market Square.

In August 2023, WI local artist Fred Kaems brought a “Five a Day” building-size mural to life on the south facing façade at Pick ‘n Save Market Square (6760 W. National Ave. West Allis)! It took Fred about three weeks to complete and is roughly 180-feet wide by 30-feet tall. Check it out above or visit it in person!

This is our seventh mural in a series celebrating our service and offerings to our customers since 1872! As part of our Roundy’s 150-year anniversary, in June 2022, we engaged mural artists throughout Wisconsin to create six murals across five of our stores commemorating decades of serving our communities across the state and celebrating the culture of those communities.

“I am always excited to bring some color and beauty to the community and with this project I get to do just that,” said Fred. “I have drawn a lot of fruits and vegetables over the years and am glad I finally get to bring them to life on such a grand scale. I have fond memories of going to Pick ‘n Save on State Street with my mom as a kid. I am happy to be working with a company that has such a rich history in our area, and hopefully this mural can be part of new memories being created.”

Our murals have received an overwhelming response from our customers, thanks to the muralists who created them, our vendors that funded them, and municipalities and property owners who provided their support to display them at our store locations. We’ve also partnered with two of the artists to create reprints of the murals to display at more than 15 of our stores by the end of the year!

View the other six murals and the talented artists who created them below, and preview a video of some of the creation process!

Mural by Greg Gossel at Metro Market, 1123 N Van Buren Street, Milwaukee

Wisconsin artist Greg Gossel with the finished mural at Metro Market, 1123 N Van Buren St, Milwaukee, WI. Photo by Roose Media.

See more of Greg's work at:

Mural by Ken Brown at Pick ‘n Save, 2355 N 35th Street, Milwaukee

“My inspiration for designing this mural came from my thoughts and experiences about food,” said Ken. “Our friends at Pick n Save have made an unprecedented impact on Wisconsin communities and families. As l began to reflect on how food brings families together, the vision for this mural started to take shape. Our experiences with food influence our health, quality of life, and even our various cultures and heritage.”

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Mural by Isabel Castro at Pick ‘n Save Bay View, 250 W Holt Avenue, Milwaukee

“The design was focused on highlighting both the process of food distribution and the community it serves,” shared Isabel. “I wanted to be creative with how I was depicting the interaction between people and food, from the preparation to the act of eating.”

“The background displays the steps that occur before the food arrives at the stores, to acknowledge the labor that goes into providing the produce that arrives to our hands. The actions displayed go from the agricultural labor of harvesting the produce to then the canneries and packaging. In the foreground I have youth eating or interacting with the fresh produce.”

See more of Isabel's work on Instagram: @soy_quien_soy_studio__

Mural by Teresa Sahar at Metro Market, 6969 N Pt Washington Road, Glendale

“I enjoy good imagery and painting food in general so that was the majority of my inspiration,” commented Teresa. “Also, my strength is making colors super vibrant. The historical photo was Roundys’ suggestion, but I enjoy how it turned out in the end. I love the hard shadows in it and how it really contrasts with the bright fruit underneath.”

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Murals by Beau Thomas at Metro Market Green Bay, 1291 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay

“It was an honor creating artwork to help celebrate Roundy’s 150 years in business,” stated Beau. “My inspiration centered around themes of food, happiness and love for the community. One design features a smiley face created from fresh fruit, with the left side of the image referencing an old newspaper advertisement. The second design focuses on love for the community with a stained-glass style layout. The images include a heart, bags of groceries, pieces of cheese and footballs.”

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