101 Simple New Year’s Resolutions

101 Simple New Year’s Resolutions

Publish Date December 1, 2023 5 Minute Read

How are you going to make this year the best yet? Whether you’re looking to develop a new hobby, eat more vegetables or grow in your career, we’ve got plenty ideas to inspire you this year. Here are 101 ideas for simple resolutions that can make a big difference:

Exercise Goals

  1. 1. Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators to get daily exercise.
  2. 2. Walk or ride your bike more often instead of driving.
  3. 3. Start running a little further each time you run.
  4. 4. Make exercise a priority.
  5. 5. Get more vitamin D by taking some time to spend outside. Remember the sunscreen!
  6. 6. Walk your dog every evening after dinner.
  7. 7. Curate a great playlist to keep you motivated during your workouts.
  8. 8. Pick forms of exercise you enjoy; this will help you look forward to it!
  9. 9. Invest in simple home workout equipment like resistance bands, a yoga mat, or dumbbells.
  10. 10. Try a new workout class with a friend.
  11. 11. Stretch in between meetings or commercial breaks.
  12. 12. Walk daily. Take time to enjoy nature and catch up on podcasts while you’re at it!
  13. 13. Grab friends for a game of pickleball or join a bowling or sand volleyball team.

Nutrition Goals

  1. 14. You know it’s the most important meal of the day, so why skip it? Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to prepare and eat a good breakfast, like organic cage-free eggs, oatmeal or a green smoothie.
  2. 15. Participate in “Meatless Monday” by forgoing meat once a week. It’s budget-friendly and can help improve your health and the environment.
  3. 16. Make healthier swaps when you can. Substitute soy or almond milk for dairy and try using coconut or olive oil instead of butter and margarine.
  4. 17. Choose organic when possible and spare your body the harmful pesticides.
  5. 18. Try portion control and intuitive eating when eating meals.
  6. 19. Incorporate more vegetables in your meals.
  7. 20. Substitute turkey, chicken or pork for red meat.
  8. 21. Eat more high-quality dark chocolate - it’s loaded with antioxidants.
  9. 22. Use more of your kitchen appliances to save you time and effort – pull out the slow-cooker, stand mixer, bread maker and juicer.
  10. 23. Boost your energy and health by adding fresh juices or green smoothies into your everyday diet.
  11. 24. Recreate comfort foods by adding a healthy twist.
  12. 25. Limit processed, prepackaged foods.
  13. 26. Eat food that is free from artificial colors, flavors, ingredients and preservatives.
  14. 27. Have more fruit available throughout the day to refuel your energy.
  15. 28. Drink water or decaf green tea instead of coffee to reduce caffeine intake and stay hydrated.
  16. 29. Prepare ahead of time with travel snacks. Pack a variety of snacks from dried fruit, nuts, energy bars and fruit to help make healthy choices while on the go.
  17. 30. Add more whole grains and fiber to your diet.
  18. 31. Replace sugar with natural sweeteners like agave, honey and Stevia.
  19. 32. Eat with the seasons. You’ll be eating fresh, high-quality ingredients that are packed with the nutrients your body needs.
  20. 33. Cut down your sodium intake by using spices and herbs to flavor your dishes instead of salt.
  21. 34. Use a designated date to complete the majority of your meal shopping and prepare any of your week’s meals in advance to help cut down on cooking time.
  22. 35. Preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables by learning how to can them.
  23. 36. Try new foods this year. Have you tried kale, quinoa, coconut oil or almond butter yet?

Career Goals

  1. 37. Stay up to date on certifications and courses to further your knowledge of your field.
  2. 38. Seek out a mentor in your workplace to gain knowledge and development.
  3. 39. Find volunteer opportunities to partake in with your work company or team.
  4. 40. Don’t use your cell phone during work meetings.
  5. 41. Bring more to the table at every meeting—speak up and voice your opinion.
  6. 42. Be more than punctual—try to be early to every meeting you attend.
  7. 43. Make more eye contact during conversations.
  8. 44. Bring some of the items that make you happy to your workspace, like photos of family or a plant.
  9. 45. Make an effort to learn more about other departments and roles within your company.

Relationship Goals

  1. 46. Make more phone calls instead of sending emails and texts.
  2. 47. Write one handwritten letter a month to someone special.
  3. 48. Be more willing to talk to others and learn something about strangers.
  4. 49. Refrain from gossiping and listening to gossip. You’ll be a more trustworthy person and will engage in more productive conversations.
  5. 50. Be more open and communicative with others. You’ll likely gain more respect and cooperation from them.
  6. 51. Spend a few hours a week enjoying time with your family without external distractions.
  7. 52. Listen more in conversations.
  8. 53. Designate a family dinner night that everyone must attend.
  9. 54. Invite more friends and family over for a monthly gathering – game night, anyone?
  10. 55. Learn others' resolutions and help them achieve their goals.
  11. 56. Give someone a compliment once a day.

Money Goals

  1. 57. Cook at home more often—you will learn new cooking skills and save money.
  2. 58. Use your credit cards for emergencies only by removing them from your purse or wallet. Only spend with whatever cash you bring with you.
  3. 59. Start saving for a family vacation.
  4. 60. Invest in your retirement.
  5. 61. Plan birthday and holiday gifts ahead of time to save with sales and deals.
  6. 62. Pay off your credit cards.
  7. 63. Create a monthly budget.
  8. 64. Bring your lunch from home more often.
  9. 65. Clip coupons and weekly digital deals.
  10. 66. Support local small businesses and keep your money where you live.
  11. 67. Spend money on things and experiences that create memories.

Mental Health Goals

  1. 68. Schedule “me” time to turn off your cell phone, computer and other electronic devices to focus on yourself.
  2. 69. Take a social media break.
  3. 70. Do something out of your comfort zone.
  4. 71. Sign up for a dance or art class.
  5. 72. Read one new book each month.
  6. 73. Enjoy eating a meal alone.
  7. 74. Make time to do more of what you enjoy doing.
  8. 75. Identify the things that make you stressed during the day and create a list of small steps to manage them.
  9. 76. Practice gratitude daily.
  10. 77. Loosely track your goals. Don’t be too specific on deadlines or set yourself up for failure.
  11. 78. Keep a journal to jot down anything that comes to mind, like thoughts, memories and ideas.
  12. 79. Pick up a new hobby.
  13. 80. Practice mindfulness and breathwork.
  14. 81. Have a spa day once every few months – whether it’s pampering at home or booking at a salon.
  15. 82. For everything negative you say, say two things that are positive.
  16. 83. Listen to more of your favorite type of music. Music boosts spirits and helps reduce depression.
  17. 84. Try to shift to a positive mindset. Not everything is going to be easy or enjoyable, but try to appreciate the challenge and look on the bright side.
  18. 85. Decrease screen time before bed and avoid hopping onto your phone when you first wake up.
  19. 86. Take preventive measures to minimize the risk of getting sick by washing your hands frequently, eating more fruits and leafy greens, taking a multivitamin and staying active.

Other Health Goals

  1. 87. Don’t text and drive (as a matter of fact, don’t use your phone at all while driving).
  2. 88. Use products that are eco-friendly and don’t contain harsh chemicals.
  3. 89. Start recycling by having a designated bin available and educate yourself about what items are recyclable.
  4. 90. Grow a simple garden: start with herbs that are easy to grow and maintain.
  5. 91. Clean up as you go and de-clutter your home for a fresh space.
  6. 92. Help others by volunteering.
  7. 93. Donate furniture and clothes that you no longer use to those in need.
  8. 94. Get organized - try using a planner to keep track of appointments and events.
  9. 95. Do a safe walk of your house – replace smoke alarm batteries, check locks on windows and doors.
  10. 96. Floss your teeth daily.
  11. 97. Help reduce your carbon footprint: go car-less one day a week by staying at home, walking, taking public transportation or riding your bike.
  12. 98. Schedule your day to be productive and plan to get the majority of important business completed in the morning when you’re alert and energized.
  13. 99. Get on a solid sleep schedule. Listen to your natural sleeping patterns and adjust accordingly. Aim for seven hours of sleep each night.
  14. 100. Make a plan to conquer the home projects you’ve been wanting to work on.
  15. 101. Make your bed daily. This simple, three-minute chore is an easy way to positively impact your happiness.