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Welcome to Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. EDI

Welcome to Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. EDI web site. Please contact EDI for all the information necessary to begin trading EDI documents with Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. and its divisions. We look forward to assisting you and answering any questions you may have.

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Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. Duns Listing

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Description Last Updated Download
Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. Duns Listing 01/23/12 Download


Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. EDI Maps

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Description Download
Roundys EDI Profile Download
UCC Standard Shipping Label Download
UCS 856 SPS Download
UCS 880 SPS Download
875 4010UCS Download
852RPT4010 Download
855RPT4010 Download






























Welcome to Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. Vendor Form web site. You will find all the information to begin communicating item changes, cost and deal information to our Category Management team.

Who should use the new forms?

* All vendors are required to submit change requests using these forms

Vendor Form Downloads


Forms   Effective Date
Vendor Data Sharing Request Form- Please complete this form if you have a request for Roundy's data that is not covered via ACNielsen Syndicated Market Data. Once the form is complete it should be submitted to the appropriate Category Manager for first review. Upon Category Manager approval, an internal group will evaluate the request and respond in a reasonable period of time, generally 2-4 weeks. You may be contacted via phone or email if additional information is required for consideration or execution of the request. Please contact the appropriate Category Manager should you require a data request status update. 1.0         02/16/06 Download
EDI Compliance Notification   09/17/15 Download
DSD Invoice Payment Procedures   09/17/15 Download

Ad Proposal & Deal Form

Help Guide

5.1.2 01/30/14

Download Form

Download Help Guide

Cost Change Form 3.0.1 06/23/05 Download
EFT Form   09/17/15 Download
EFT Liquor Vendor Form   09/17/15 Download
Vendor Maintenance Form  1.0 05/23/07 Download

Vendor Product Information Management (PIM)

Set-Up Documents

PIM Introduction Letter

Vendor Form- Required. This form provides basic information about the vendor's company regarding location, ordering, billing, pricing and terms.

W-9 Form- Required.

PIM License Agreement- Required. This document outlines Roundy's usage requirements for the PIM application.

PIM Security Form- Required. Two employees at the vendor's company will be designated as Vendor Security Administrators (VSA). The VSA is responsible for maintaining all additional users for the vendor.


Download Letter

Download Vendor Form


Download License Agreement

Download Security Form

DSA-Vendor User Guide

DSA-Online Help Guide

DSA Vendor Access Form


Download User Guide

Download Help Guide

Download Form 

DSA 2.0 Enhancement Guide   08/07/14 Download Form 

DSA-Training Video: Introduction

DSA-Training Video: Security

DSA-Training Video: Workflow

DSA-Training Video: Getting Started

DSA-Training Video: Dashboard Preferences and TC

DSA-Training Video: Creating a Deal Sheet Header

DSA-Training Video: Header Review and Detail Creation

DSA-Training Video: Deal Groups Comments and Attachments

DSA-Training Video: Approving a Deal Sheet

DSA-Training Video: Summary Tab



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Vendor Product Information Management (PIM) Reference Documents
PIM Policies & Procedures
- This document outlines usage expectations. Roundy's vendors are expected to comply with all policies and procedures to maintain access to the PIM system.

VSA Reference Guide- This document provides the VSA (Vendor Security Administrator) assistance in managing user information for their vendor.

PIM Vendor Quick Reference- This document provides the vendor users assistance in navigating the PIM application. Please check for updates on this document regularly. This document will be updated with any changes associated with the PIM application and screen forms.


Download Policies & Procedures

Download References Guide

Download Quick Reference

Vendor EDI Request Form

Roundy's EDI Profile

Download Vendor EDI Request Form

Roundy's EDI Profile
Roundy's Conversion Chart- This form is used to communicate product conversions. A product conversion is defined as a change to an existing planogrammed item, such as size/count, case pack, or product description change that would result in a new UPC and/or Roundy's item code to be assigned.
   04/08/15 Contact Category Manager for Form
Speed to Shelf Form- This form is used to identify new and deleted items to Roundy's planograms as well as auto-ship dates for the new items and disposition information for the deleted items.    04/08/15 Contact Category Manager for Form
Vendor Recall Information Form- This form must be used to initiate a product withdrawal or recall.    02/03/16 Download
W-8BEN   02/24/16 Download
W-8ECI   02/24/16 Download
Kroger Payment Terms Notification Letter   08/26/16 Download


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