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Renaissance Farm

Since the early 80s, Mark Olson has farmed two to three acres of land in southwestern Wisconsin that are dedicated to fresh and flavorful herbs that make up his homemade pesto, oils, and vinaigrettes. Along with growing fresh basil and other herbs for Roundy’s, Mark Olson is the Vice President of the Board of the Wisconsin Food Hub based out of Dane County.

Fechter Family Farm

Robert Fechter Sr. and wife Alice are blessed to celebrate almost 70 years in the farming business and marriage. The Fechter family specializes in growing fragrant mammoth dill along with fresh variety squash, gourds, and pie pumpkins for decades.  Robert with the help of their son, John farm over 200 acres of delicious vegetables annually just north of Milwaukee. They hand-pick, pack and deliver local goods to your nearest Pick 'n Save.  

Ingersoll Farms

Bill Ingersoll is the proud owner and fifth generation running the Sweet corn Farm. Roundy’s has partnered with Ingersoll Farms for over 25 years and takes over 85% of Bill’s crop. We invite you to enjoy this delicious Sweet Corn grown right in your own backyard!

Okray Family Farms

Dick Okray, one of the owners of Okray Family Farms in Plover, WI is shown here with Gabrielle Okray who is, according to Dick, “fresh out of college with a degree in agriculture”.  Keeping the farm in the family has been an Okray tradition for 105 years! Okray Family Farms supplies Roundy’s stores in Wisconsin with top quality spuds year round. Click here for spudtastic recipes!


Weston's Apple Orchard

The Weston’s apple orchards cover 16 acres with 160 varieties of antique apples dating back to the late 1500s. In their mid-80s, Ken and sister Jen Weston grow, pick, pack, and manage their orchards by hand with the help of local volunteers. 

Borzynski's Farm

Brothers Joe and Dave began farming in 1964 with a tractor, a few acres of rented land, and some high school friends to pack vegetables. Today, the farm continues, on 7,000 acres, as a family business with second generation, Mike Borzynski, actively involved in the day-to-day farming operation -  growing high-quality, safe, and delicious green beans, cabbage, collard greens, and kale.

Alsum Farms

Larry Aslum began growing potatoes and onions over 40 years ago and now farms 1,900 acres, providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the Great Lakes region every day. As a Committed Healthy Grown® grower, each step of their operations meet the sustainability standards of Protected Harvest. To learn more about Alsum Farms click here.

Hableman Bros. Company

Habelman Bros. Company is the world's largest fresh cranberry grower and packer with three properties that combine to include more than 700 acres of actively producing cranberries. After four generations of family ownership and management, Habelman Bros Company remains dedicated to delivering their customers the highest quality fresh cranberries available in the market since 1907.

Turners Fresh Market

The Turner family has been operating Turners Fresh Market since 1963. The farm market first started by selling off a table in front of the road as well as vegetable deliveries around the Waupaca Chain O’Lakes area. Tara Turner is third generation on the family farm. Turners provide Roundy's with a range of their homegrown products, including sweet corn, tomatoes, winter squash, and pumpkins. Tara Turner is the President of the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative.


Hoekstra Farm

The Hoekstras are a multi-generational farm family who has been growing fresh market vegetables for over 45 years. Brothers-in-law, Steve Hoekstra and Nick Hull, manage the sweet corn portion of the farm along with their father, Glenn. Glenn’s Father-in-Law started the farm which had been in his wife’s family for several generations and today each family member has a role. They are a proud member of the Wisconsin Food Hub. Find their fresh and delicious vegetables at your local Pick 'n Save.

Growing Power

Growing Power is a national nonprofit organization and land trust supporting people from diverse backgrounds and the environments in which they live, by helping to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe, and affordable food. Growing Power's Farmer, Founder and CEO Will Allen purchased greenhouses in Milwaukee along Silver Spring Drive that was the last area still zoned for agriculture in the city. Over 20 years later, Growing Power has farms all over Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison. Look for their fresh herbs and greens in select stores.

Alsum Sweet Corn

The Alsum family farms are located outside of Randolph, WI in northeastern Columbia County. This farm has been operating under the Alsum family name for 101 years. Lana and Scott Alsum partner with their son Ben and the whole family including children Brittany, Luke, Levi, and Lilly who are involved in the day to day operations. They specialize in sweet corn but also grow a wide range of crops throughout the season. Alsum Sweet Corn is a founding member of the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative. You will find their fresh sweet corn at your local Pick 'n Save along with farm stands around the central region and the Dane County Farmers Market.

Coloma Farms

The Dierks Family of Coloma Farms grow a variety of delicious potatoes. Andy Dierks is a fourth generation potato farmer in Wisconsin’s Central Sands Region. They currently manage approximately 2,700 acres of potatoes. This iteration of the farm was started in 1962. Andy’s grandfather, now in Antigo, still grows the seed potatoes for Coloma Farms. Andy is a proud member of the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative and is excited about the relationship because, being a larger producer; it will allow him to diversify his markets. Look for Coloma’s fresh red, yellow and russet potatoes at your local Pick 'n Save.

Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative

The Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative (WFHC) is a farmer-led cooperative owned by the producers and the Wisconsin Farmers Union including over 150 farms. Working hard together, the farmer-members of the co-op grow the freshest local produce and Roundy’s brings all the farm fresh products to you including both conventional and certified organic. The WFHC is committed to building a sustainable local food system, with social, economic, and ecological issues at the forefront. The WFHC are also proud members of the Something Special from Wisconsin managed by the Department of Agriculture. Please join Roundy’s and the Wisconsin Food Hub at the table. (Pictured Alsum Sweet Corn Farm, WFHC Member)

Katz Produce

Katz Produce was founded in 1965, as a grower/packer of quality Wisconsin potatoes. Jim Stefan joined the firm in 2010 and has personally been in the produce industry for over 30 years. The Katz Produce company has enjoyed a relationship with Roundy’s for over 20 years, and continues to produce and supply us with the quality Wisconsin products. There growing practices, storage and packing facilities here in Wisconsin insure the quality and safety of the potatoes and onions that are available to you on a daily basis.


Appleland Orchards

Appleland has been supplying fresh and crisp apples to Roundy’s since 1967. The orchard grows 20 varieties of apples from Honey Crisp to Fuji. Appleland has a market located in Fredonia that sells locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, pumpkins, pie pumpkins, squash, honey and of course apples. Click here for more information.

Fazenda Boa Terra

Owners and organic farmers Lidia Dungue and John Middleton, joined the Wisconsin Food Hub because "it’s one of the few organizations we know of where all kinds of farms; big, small, organic and conventional are working together to fix a damaged local food system. As a team we are making sure that Wisconsin families have access to the best produce Wisconsin has to offer.” Located on historical land in Spring Green, WI., Fazenda Boa Terra Farm is two acres of 125 different vegetables from 40 different crops. Click here to learn more about how their Certified Organic produce is grown in a way that blends the latest technologies and methods.

Heath Farms

The 400-acre family-owned farm has been in operation for more than 40 years. The primary crop is peppers of many varieties. Pickling cucumbers, zucchini, and fresh market sweet corn complete the list of fresh crops found growing every year at the farm. Owners, Bob and Heidi, appreciate the opportunity to share their produce as a local, fresh market product through the WI Food Hub. Click here to learn more about Robert Heath Farms.

Gumz Farms

Roderick Gumz co-owns Gumz Farms alongside his brother Richard. Originally from Indiana, (where the original farm was established) 4th generation Roderick and Richard continue their family's rich history of farming in the Midwest. Today Gumz grow a variety of fresh vegetables, including red potatoes, onions, carrots, peppermint, and spearmint. Gumz Farms is a major producer in Wisconsin and the Midwest, but Farming remains a family tradition with many core values passed down. Gumz operates a modern farm and packing facility in Endeavor Wisconsin which allows them to provide local, fresh, quality, and sustainable produce for all Roundy’s customers. To learn more about their farms and packing facilities click here.

Something Special from Wisconsin

Roundy’s is a proud participating member of Something Special from Wisconsinâ„¢ The program is administered by the Division of Agricultural Development at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection since 1983. Every dollar spent on SSfWâ„¢ products and services supports local farmers, food processors, entrepreneurs, our communities and livelihood, as well as the Wisconsin way of life. Be guaranteed that when you purchase an item with the red trademark logo, you’re making an investment in the state's economy and future.

Olden Produce LLC - Ripon, WI

Richard & Tracy Vinz  are owners of Olden Produce working a fourth generation farm.  Vegetables have always been part of the farms history starting with our grandfather growing melons and other vegetables that he sold locally.  Olden is a Certified Naturally Grown farm growing diversified vegetables focusing on summer and winter squash, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and mixed greens production. Olden grows over 20 other vegetable crops in smaller quantities with 30 acres in Ripon, WI. And also grows in 15,000 square feet of high tunnels.  Click here to learn more about the naturally grown program.

Wisconsin Natural Acres - Chilton, WI

Doug Schulz and his family have been producing the finest honey since 1979.  Wisconsin Natural Acres' (WNA) honey is 100% artisan, all natural pure honey, and has a reputation for its very high quality and flavor.  They never blend their honey with foreign or out of state honey.  WNA’s primary source of nectar comes from Alfalfa, Clover, and the Basswood Tree.  Their floral source makes the honeyone of the lightest and sweetest nectars in the world.   You can find their artisan honey at many Roundy’s stores.  Check out their website for tasty honey recipes, fun facts, and more.

Didier Farms - Lincolnshire, IL

Didier Farms is family owned and operated by Rick Didier, a 3rd generation farmer.  For over 5 years now, Didier has provided our customers with the best locally grown vegetables and produce in Lake County, IL.  Vegetables are picked daily and delivered directly to many stores to ensure our customers receive the freshest local produce.  Didier is best known for their delicious sweet corn, but they also grow tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, eggplant, pan squash and many varieties of sweet and hot peppers. Click here to learn more about their operation, greenhouse, farm stand and many activities for the kids.

Sam the Sweet Corn Man - Maple Park, IL

In 1941, Frank O. Slepicka, a Chicago Public School teacher, realized his dream and bought an 80 acre farm in what is now Carol Stream, Illinois. In 2005, Frank’s grandson, Tim Slepicka, 3rd generation, began “Sam the Sweet Corn Man” in Maple Park, IL. Now located in the western edge suburbs, his goal is to provide Chicagoland with high quality, locally grown produce. In addition to sweet corn, Sam the Sweet Corn Man grows tomatoes and a range of other delicious vegetables and delivers right to our stores. To learn more about their operation and high level of sustainability, click here!

Farmed Here - Chicago, IL

Roundy’s partners with Farmed Here to ensure their customers receive fresh, safe, and guaranteed consistent organic greens. Farmed Here turned from the traditional farming methods and adapted the hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic methods, indoors, for the most nutrient rich, chemical and pesticide-free greens.

Frey Farms - Mt. Vernon, IL

The Frey Farms Produce headquarters is located in rural Wayne County northeast of Mt. Vernon, IL and is supported by strategic shipping locations in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Georgia, Florida and throughout the Midwest. The Frey family provides the Roundy’s family of stores with a variety of locally grown product including Sweet Corn, Melons, Pumpkins and Fall Ornamentals. Learn more about how things grow on our farms here.

Zeldenrust Farm - Chicago Heights, IL

Zeldenrust Farm Market is a 4th generation family owned and operated 82 acre farm located in Chicago Heights, IL.  Ruth runs the family farm which includes greenhouses filled with unique lines of bedding plants, patio pots, hanging baskets and vegetable plants.  Outside on the farm she has local vegetables growing, which are picked daily for freshness.  The farm's reputation for growing tomatoes is so strong that the family once sold to Campbell's Soup and Libby's.  Ruth also specializes in local homegrown honey.  As a local farmer, Ruth is committed to selling the freshest vegetables and delivers directly to many stores.

Twin Garden Farms - Harvard, IL

The Ahrens family began their fresh vegetable farming operation in early 1954.  It modestly started with two adjacent properties of two hundred acres, named “Twin Garden Farms”.  The Farm is operated by 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation family members and has grown into over 4000 acres of prime farmland stretching into Southern Wisconsin. “Super sweet” corn is their flagship product. 

Rendleman Orchards - Alto Pass, IL

Since 1873, Rendleman Orchards has been committed to growing and shipping the highest quality, locally grown peaches, nectarines, apples and vegetables to the commercial produce markets throughout the Midwest. The Orchard produces eight versatile apple varieties from a sweet Golden Supreme to a flavorful Fuji apple. Rendleman Orchards is proud to be designated an Illinois Centennial Family Farm.  The fourth and fifth generations are now currently operating the Orchard, while raising their sixth generation on the farm.  This year, they are celebrating their 141st year of family farming. Visit their website for apple and stone fruit variety information and delicious recipes: www.rendlemanorchards.com

Anderson Truck Farm - Lake Crystal, MN

This 5th generation farm, located in the scenic Minnesota river valley, grows sweet corn, melons, squash, and bell peppers for Roundy’s Supermarkets. The Anderson family has been dedicated to their partnership with Roundy’s for over 25 years.

Pahl Farms - Apple Valley, MN

Gary and Brian Pahl are the 5th generation running the family-owned and operated business established in the early 1900’s.  Pahl Farms sows over 1000 acres of produce in their fields just south of the Twin Cities. The Pahl family is best known for their sweet corn, but also grow pumpkins and many other fresh vegetables.

Joe Zywiec Vegetable Farm - Cottage Grove, MN

2014 will mark  10th year in the sweet corn business, an operation that has spanned 3 generations in the Zywiec family. Sweet corn is Joe Zywiec’s staple crop, but in addition he also grows Green Bell Peppers, Jalapenos, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Green Beans.

Ferguson Morningside Farms - Lake City, MN

The Fergusons are a family owned and operated apple orchard growing 37 varieties of superior tasting apples. With 3 farm locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Ferguson property has been an apple orchard since the 1870s.

Bushel Boy - Owatonna, MN

Bushel Boy Farms was founded in Owatonna, Minnesota in 1990 with a simple desire to grow fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes year-round.  Yes, even in the middle of January.  They find real satisfaction in eating locally-grown vegetables and there’s a huge difference between eating a tomato right off the vine versus one that was picked green, crated up and shipped thousands of miles.  The expert Bushel Boy team has created the perfect growing environment combining the latest in greenhouse design and technology with the hands-on TLC it takes to produce the sweetest, juiciest tomatoes. Bushel Boy tomatoes are always picked ripe on the vine, carefully packed and trucked directly to Pick 'n Save stores for maximum freshness and flavor. We hope you enjoy the fruit of our labor as much as Bushel Boy does.

Pepin Heights - Lake City, MN

Pepin Heights may have been in business since 1949, but you won’t find them focusing on the past. Our focus is the future and the future is flavor through new apple varieties. Pepin Heights introduced HoneyCrisp to the grocery industry and the new game-changing flavor of variety SweeTango®. Their focus is on producing superior quality apples so you have for a better eating experience that makes their work fun. Working with progressive grocers like Roundy’s Supermarkets, allows Pepin Heights to deliver that experience to you.

Riveridge - Sparta, MI

Riveridge Produce is located in the heart of 37,000 acres of apples in Michigan, the nation’s third-largest apple growing state. Riveridge supports 117 family-operated orchards on Fruit Ridge and 11 counties throughout Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  Most farms are in the 4th, 5th and even 6th generation of being run by the same families. They take great pride in quality of produce they grow on their farm all the way to our customer’s plate.

Todd Greiner Farms - Hart, MI

Todd Greiner Farms is a Grower, Packer, and Shipper out of Hart, MI with over 2,000 acres of squash and zucchini. They are a family ran business working around the clock and taking pride in being able to supply you with the finest produce available.

Superior - Hudsonville, MI

Superior traces its roots as a grower and shipper of Michigan vegetables back to 1918. Superior has grown over the last 83 years into a diversified produce shipping, packing, and sales organization. In the early 60s, the Blauwkamp family, a celery grower, began handling other local growers commodities. Today, Superior grows and ships the freshest squash to your local Roundy’s Supermarket. 

Pero Family Farms - Benton Harbor, MI

In 1908, Sicilian immigrant, Peter Pero, started a modest farm in Western New York. For over 100 years and five generations later, Pero Family Farms is still a family owned and operated farm supplying Roundy’s with fresh and vibrant-colored sweet and green peppers, okra, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, eggplant and many more fresh vegetables.


Tom Bodtke Naturipe - Grand Junction, MI

In 1969, Tom’s family bought a farm in Grand Junction, Michigan. Tom has now been a blueberry grower for Naturipe for over 30 years and believes in the company’s strength in its diversity of experience, geographic locations, berry varieties, horticultural practices, and processes. 

Miedema Produce, Inc. - Hudsonville, MI

Miedema Produce started in 1971 when brothers Gerald and Ron Miedema raised their first crops in Jenison, Michigan. Your local store carries Miedema Produce’s red radishes, bright and crisp; the hallmark product grown and produced today. 

Mouzin Brothers Farms - Vincennes, IN

Third generation farmers Ed and Dennis, along with their father, Paul, continue a strong family tradition of knowledge and experience combined with honesty and integrity. Located in Vincennes, IN, Mouzin Brothers Farms supplies Pick, Copps and Mariano’s Fresh Market with Sweet Corn, Watermelons and Pumpkins during the summer and early fall. Learn more about the farmers here

Kercher’s Sunrise Orchards and Farms - Goshen, IN

Kercher’s Sunrise Orchards and Farms started as an apple orchard in 1922 with William Wheeler Kercher. Five generations and 80 years later, the Kercher family continues to farm in northern Indiana and has expanded into growing, shipping, packing and distributing fresh produce such as sweet corn, cabbage, zucchini squash, yellow squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, jalapeno peppers, green bell peppers and ornamental pumpkins. As the sun rises each morning, they wake with one goal in mind - GROW and SELECT the highest quality produce - such as Amaize Sweet Corn, which has fans raving about its sweet flavor and crunchy texture!

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