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Introducing Cul-de-Sac Wine Company

We are proud to introduce our new exclusive wine label, Cul-de-Sac! We have found a great value brand that will fit any occasion, pairs well with all kinds of foods, is great to drink with appetizers and friends and that over-delivers for the price point!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium-bodied wine with ripe berry and black cherry flavors balanced with rich oak and a soft inviting finish.

Pairs well with grilled steaks, seared ahi, burgers, cheddar & gorgonzola cheeses, pizza with spicy meats, salsa and carrot cake.


A medium-bodied wine with apple and pear flavors with a touch of oak in the clean, refreshing finish.

Pairs well with veal, chicken, pork loin, lobster, crab, halibut, shrimp, cheddar & havarti cheeses, cream and pesto sauces, and vanilla pudding.


Packed with ripe raspberry  and cherry flavors along with a bit of chocolate and vanilla in the rich, smooth finish.

Pairs well with grilled meats, parmesan & romano cheeses, pizza, burgers, bolognese sauces, dark chocolate, berries and fondue.

Pinot Grigio

A light-bodied, refreshing wine with vibrant citrus flavors and hints of apricot.

Pairs well with poultry, sea bass, swordfish, gouda cheeses, tuna, BBQ and apple pie.

White Zinfandel

Delicious with flavors of ripe strawberries and raspberries.

Pairs well with mild cheese, fruit salads, spicy chicken dishes, and vanilla ice cream.

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